Notion RACI 2.0 Chart template

Aleksandr Etkind
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New and revamped project management classic inside Notion.

A template that helps you install and get acquainted with a simple RACI 2.0 chart.

Assign roles within the team, monitor who's responsible for what throughout working on the project. Packed with changes introduced in version 2.0

An easy-to-use gateway into the world of using the RACI responsibility assignment matrix within Notion.

Featuring the customisable chart itself and instructions to using it.

Want to boost your productivity even further?

This chart is even more efficient if you use it in combination with my Stakeholder analysis & power grid template. Analyse your stakeholders first, then populate your RACI 2.O chart with them for even better management!

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What happens once I purchase this template?

You'll get an email with all the necessary instructions for onboarding.

Can I use it if I'm new to Notion?

Absolutely. This template is easy to use even for beginners. Just duplicate and start populating it with your data. Instructions are included.

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Can I share this template?

Nope. It's a one-time purchase for you, a friend or an organisation. If you'd like to share this template with someone, please direct them to this page.

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Yes! Use this link to become an affiliate. Then, after you share a template with someone and they buy it, you will receive 15% of the fee. How cool is that?

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A template to start working with a customisable RACI 2.0 chart in Notion and instructions.

Fully customisable pre-built RACI 2.0 chart
Instructions and theory behind the RACI framework

Notion RACI 2.0 Chart template

0 ratings
I want this!