Notion stakeholder analysis & power grid template

Aleksandr Etkind
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A project manager's must-have that helps ace a key point in the project initiation phase.

A simple to use, but functionally robust template that allows you to perform stakeholder analysis, build a stakeholder power grid and get suggestions for forming a steering committee, all inside Notion.

  • Stakeholder analysis. Identify your project's stakeholders, map out their roles, functions, influence, interest and more. Automatically receive recommendations regarding engagement strategies. Useful stepping-stone prior to filling out a RACI chart.
  • Power grid. View analysis results displayed on a grid, see all stakeholders and their influence/interest ratios at a glance.
  • Steering committee. Get automatic suggestions on who to invite to a steering committee based on the analysis results.

Want to boost your productivity even further?

This chart is even more useful if you use it in combination with my RACI 2.0 chart template. Having analysed your stakeholders, distribute responsibilities among them and other team members!

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Can I use it if I'm new to Notion?

Absolutely. This template is easy to use even for beginners. Just duplicate and start populating it with your data. Instructions are included.

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A customisable template that features three distinct views for analysing stakeholders, accessing a power grid and receiving suggestions regarding steering committee formation.

Full stakeholder analysis cycle
Automatically assembled power grid
Automated steering committee suggestions list

Notion stakeholder analysis & power grid template

0 ratings
I want this!